When it comes to finding the right recording studio we understand that there are a lot of choices and finding the right place to work can be overwhelming so we’re going to help you narrow down your search by telling you what we’re all about.

Tiger Mountain is a recording studio designed to put creativity and talent before technical perfection. We don’t have a control room, you’ll never see a producer and engineer chatting behind two thick panes of glass while you listen to the drummer practice polyrhythms between takes. Instead, the console sits in the live room while you record thereby removing that sterile feel that some studios can have. It also increases session flow, efficiency and turnaround time between takes. Our aim is to return to the methods that created the classic albums, many of which began as live off-the-floor performances until a take was recorded that found the energy, groove, pocket, nuance, whatever you want to call it, that’s what we’re after.

With the amount of space that we have at Tiger Mountain, we have the luxury of playing music as it was intended to be played and recording everything as much as we can all at once. Isolation booths and amp cabinet enclosures give us all the flexibility we need to control bleed during a session so that recordings sound as transparent and controlled as need be. This doesn’t mean that we can’t track certain songs or parts individually to a metronome, it just means that we have the flexibility to approach production in any number of ways. The happy mistakes and imperfections are often what give songs and albums their character, if you’re on board with that then we think you’ll have a very enjoyable experience creating music at the recording studio.

The Space

Studio panoramic view


We’ve made great efforts to build a hybrid Analogue/Digital recording studio, which is comprised of a 24 channel Soundtracs Solitaire console and 24 channel iZ RADAR recorder. This system can also run into a traditional DAW like Logic, Reaper or Ableton Live and back again for summing, mixing, re-amping purposes. Really the best of both worlds. It’s very common for a band to complete an entire song in a day and walk out the door with a great sounding rough mix that came right off the board (as long as they are well rehearsed and know their parts!).

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