A space to create.

Tiger Mountain has an extensive equipment list of rare instruments, signal processors and industry leading microphones that can deliver the perfect nuance to your music, however, a significant draw is layout and workflow of the studio as it was designed with modularity in mind to cater to a band's creative comfort.
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A place to learn.

Music is a beautiful conversation. Whether you want to jam along to your favourite songs or start writing your own, the journey starts with great education to get you through the learning curves with ease and enjoyment.
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Tiger Mountain is a 1,500 square foot recording studio owned by producer and soundtrack¬†composer, Andrew Halliwell. The mandate of the studio is simply to be a cool, comfortable space to create and learn music and that’s what keeps people who share in a love for music coming through the studio door every week.

In 2017, the formation of the studio is complete and we’re starting to run lessons all week long. Educating the next wave of musicians is a part of our commitment to the local¬†community through our top-notch educational staff and our acoustically-treated, comfortably air-conditioned studios. We offer lessons in guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, voice and more.

Andrew Halliwell

In his 20's, Andrew channeled his efforts into earning some stripes in the film industry as a producer, eventually leaving his post with over a dozen short films and two award-winning feature films under his belt. In that time Andrew made motions to compose and produce soundtracks for films that he and his colleagues were making, which started him on the path to where he is today.

His work has received accolades in the industry and as a result he has now contributed soundtracks to over 17 films, 3 of which were feature films. This momentum is what prompted the return to Vancouver Island to build the studio of his dreams. You can hear his work at

Toys/tools: Telecaster Plus guitar, Elektron Analog Keys & Rytm, Make Noise 0-coast, MaxMSP, Heintzman & Co. (1916) piano, G&L L-2000 Tribute active bass w/ Ampeg SVT-CL.

Owner & Producer
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