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Tiger Mountain has recently split the recording studio into a separate entity, known henceforth as Strangeways. If you're interested in recording with us, please click the button below to visit our site dedicated to the studio.
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A place to learn.

Music is a beautiful conversation. Whether you want to jam along to your favourite songs or start writing your own, the journey starts with great education to get you through the learning curves with ease and enjoyment.
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Tiger Mountain is a 1,500 square foot recording studio owned by producer and soundtrack¬†composer, Andrew Halliwell. The mandate of the studio is simply to be a cool, comfortable space to create and learn music and that’s what keeps people who share in a love for music coming through the studio door every week.

In 2017, the formation of the studio is complete and we’re starting to run lessons all week long. Educating the next wave of musicians is a part of our commitment to the local¬†community through our top-notch educational staff and our acoustically-treated, comfortably air-conditioned studios. We offer lessons in guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, voice and more.

Andrew Halliwell

Andrew began studying guitar and bass at the age of 10, by 15 he was recording his own music and by 17 he was teaching himself piano. Almost immediately after graduating from high school he moved to Victoria to study at the Canadian College of Performing Arts in 2003-04, eventually landing in Vancouver. After a couple of years of playing open mics around the city, he was given the opportunity to play piano with the Plastic Acid Orchestra. Youthful exuberance drove him to live in London for a year with his guitar and synthesizer, playing small venues around the city and recording demos from his single bed. Poverty and a lack of fresh air brought him back to Vancouver, where he started producing small film and music projects, even playing in a Radiohead cover band for a year. During another stint of living in England, he produced his first EP under the alias Theves from his cousin's dining room. The EP contained a song called The Demon-haunted World, which was featured in a number of films and garnered early recognition for his talent. Since then he has developed into an accomplished multi-instrumentalist producer, composer, engineer, and performer with seventeen film soundtrack credits, amounting to hours of music composed, produced and mixed by himself for award-winning feature and short films. As a producer/engineer, Andrew has worked with artists spanning from Carly Rae Jepsen to Wolf Parade. As a film producer, he has two award-winning feature films to his name and numerous short films. He now works from a 1,500 sq ft studio on Vancouver Island that he's been building up over the last few years. The past year has been spent producing an LP for indie rock band, Maverick Cinema, as well as his own solo LP under the name A Life In Binary. You can hear his work at

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